Dear ladies and gentlemen,


The University of Applied Health Sciences is organizing the 17th Nurses and Technicians Conference and the 3rd Healthcare Professional Conference from 22 to 23 March 2018 in Opatija and the main topic is EDUCATION AND RESEARCH FOR QUALITY HEALTH PRACTICE.

Top experts as well as experienced researchers and practitioners from different areas of healthcare and other fields will present new insights, recommendations, and opinions and also share their experiences with the Conference participants.

Research is the prerequisite for improving all aspects of healthcare, while a more efficient education ensures faster and better transfer of knowledge as well as effective use of existing and new findings.

The speed of discovering new facts and insights as well as the number of research papers are increasing every day. Only those communities and individual social groups that can be actively involved in these accelerated processes will be able to adapt to changes and enable the highest level of service to members of their communities. These processes are particularly important when it comes to the health of all members of a community. In activities aimed at achieving quality healthcare, it is desirable to use all available resources for research and acquisition of new knowledge as well as for a more efficient transfer of such knowledge through education of all healthcare professionals.

The Conference program covers various topics from the field of research and education as well as the prerequisites for effectively linking these processes to everyday healthcare practice.

The content of the EDUCATION AND RESEARCH FOR QUALITY HEALTH PRACTICE Conference will be divided into several sections and topics:

  • Healthcare research and practice based on evidence
  • Efficient ways of sharing new research findings in the 21st century
  • Career and education of healthcare professionals
  • Models of education of healthcare professionals
  • Modern technologies and opportunities for effective education
  • Research and education of healthcare professionals and patient safety
  • Ethical aspects of research in healthcare

Depending on the number of submissions, the papers will be categorised into appropriate (sub)topics.
We are looking forward to your application and working together to find the best approaches and methods for both research and education of healthcare professionals.
The program will be published after the completion of the acceptance process.

Organising and Expert Committee of the Conference
Krešimir Rotim, Vesna Turuk, Jadranka Pavić and Damir Lučanin